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Welcome to the fantasy world of the mistborn- sit back and enjoy

I just finished listening to the audiobook of Mistborn: The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson and here is my review. I continue to be a fan of the worlds that Brandon Sanderson created in his novels and Mistborn: The Final Empire is a wonderfully entertaining world and a very interesting story.
The world is very dystopian in that greenery is only part of legend and creatures in the mists make it dangerous to go out at night. The Skaa, a group of people are treated as lesser beings and serve as slaves to the nobles. Many of the nobles have a power of some sort and a very few have multiple powers. Those with multiple powers are called Mistings.
But not all mistings are nobles that follow The Lord Ruler, a godlike ruler who is believe to be immortal. Kelsier is a misting who has an impossible goal of assembling a team to take down The Lord Ruler. A key member of his team is a young girl that grew up on the streets but has amazing powers as a misting named Vin. Vin goes under disguise as a noble woman to gain intelligence for the team but finds herself falling for a scholarly young nobleman who has unusual ideas about the world based on his studies of history.
This was an excellent story albeit a little longer than most at nearly 25 hours or 672 pages. I figure you can see the length in one of two ways. It is a great value on for just one credit and will give you hours of entertainment. However, I borrowed it from the library and could not get through the whole story in two weeks and had to put it on hold for several weeks before I could borrow it again to finish it.
I give the story five out of five stars as a great start to a fantasy world with plenty of action, interesting characters, and a well-defined world. Although I comment that the story was long I also find myself coming back to these longer than average stories by Brandon Sanderson and appreciating what he has created as excellent examples of the fantasy genre. 

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