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SciFi F Fwwadmin March 25, 2016 3141
Didn't hold my interest

Star Wars:Tarkin by James Luceno is one of the latest books in the Star Wars universe. I have read about a dozen Star Wars books over the last few years and enjoyed most of them. Unfortunately this book was not as enjoyable. I am not going to rate this book as I did not finish it but I will tell you a little about why I didn't finish it and then you can make your own judgement. For those that have read some of my past reviews you know I can like almost any book with interesting characters. Tarkin, however, after reading 40 pages of the book over several weeks was not an interesting character to me.

The book starts with Tarkin in charge of building the death star on a very remote planet. His days involve managing a massive construction project and deciding on the look of his new uniform when he gets an alert that one of his suppliers is being attacked. He shows his intelligence as a leader based on how he handles this alert but the overall situation was not a memorable event. The story then goes on to tell of his youth growing up in a driven family that sets him off to learn survival skills with his great-uncle in a deadly world.

I think my main issue with this book is that Tarkin is a number two in charge of administration and the general military for the Empire. As such he was always a minor player and in all other stories was outshined by the bigger than life personalities of those around him such as Darth Vader and the Emperor. He is also has a very reserved, analytical personality that is great for administration but not that entertaining as a story.

Perhaps the story picks up after the first forty pages so I won't give this book a review based on not finishing it. If you are an avid Star Wars fan you could check this out but I have read many Star Wars books that I enjoyed and would recommend before Tarkin.

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